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What Koreans think about you

17 February 2009

I showed the family I do private lessons for pics of you all tonight and thought you might like to know some of their comments.  These are the kids that I set Jack, Sam, and Kayla up with penpals.  I am not entirely sure if they were more excited about seeing pictures or playing on my Mac, nonetheless:

I chose Justy and Nicole’s San Fran wedding pics to share first.

Jack and Sam
:  You got “Ooooohs”  and “Ahhhhhhs” at every turn.  They loved the big blue eyes of Sam.

Mikayla:  They giggled at your pictures because you were doing silly things in all of them.  Like drooling while sleeping, remember that pic?  (Just kidding, I didn’t show that one…yet).

Nicole:  I was told you were a “very, very beautiful” bride although they didn’t know the word for bride and called you “marriage woman.”

Megin: Straight away they told me you looked like Daisy from Benjamin Button.  That would be the lovely Cate Blanchett!

I showed the family pics taken by the photog first and every picture after that they jumped to point out who was who.  “Lori Teacher, your younger sister?  Lori Teacher, your mom and dad?  Lori teacher, your aunt and Dumb Uncle?”

They asked, “Lori Teacher, who is this man?”  And, I had to strain to remember.  I think he was once my brother but seeing as how he never calls and never writes I can’t remember.  Five bucks says he stops reading before he gets to this point.

I forgot my camera tonight, but next time I will get some pics so I can get your thoughts on them :)

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