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The pains of skiing

23 February 2009

Went skiing at Muju again this weekend.  Five hours by bus, transfers, and van rides we arrived to take on the mountain for one of the last weekends of the season.

Just as it was last time, night skiing was ruled by chaos and fun.  Between losing Alison somewhere on the slopes on the eve of her birthday and Anna crashing as she cruised down the mountain, we made it out alive.  Another successful skiing trip with good conditions and great company. We even made it out to the noraebang for some late night singing/screaming.

Unfortunately, the next day’s weather wasn’t all that ideal so some of us bailed early and took on to get home via bus, and more bus, and even more bus.  More unfortunate, I woke up this morning to every particle in my body screaming in pain.  The combo of bus rides, sleeping on the floor and a possible spill down the mountain (not as bad as last time, however) may be culprits, but this morning I was in pain.

Last week, however, I had scheduled a thai massage for this afternoon.  I was at one point excited for this massage but lost that the second this lovely Korean woman started jamming her palms, elbows and knees into my arms and leg in the most painful ways possible.  She asked me how I was doing in Korean and I barely squeaked out an “OK” response between gasps of breath and holding back my tears.  This all got worse when she decided to crawl all over my back not taking care to notice I had just had some pho mein soup and noodles before going to visit her.   At one point she cracked my neck so hard to the right I was certain I was going to be a goner when she went to do the other side.

It was almost comedic how much pain I was in during this 90 minute massage.  Not sure how soon I will being paying to have that done to me again any time soon.

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  1. Denae Parker permalink
    6 March 2009 8:05 pm

    Hey! I have seen this video before, but it is still so funny the second time! Your story about the anatomy is quite funny! Hope your doing well.

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