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27 February 2009

Ahhh, happy Friday!

Once again, I have nothing for you.  I spent my day watching ridiculous YouTube videos sent to me by other friends here in Korea doing the same thing I do all day long: ‘teaching.’

I hate to tell you about my slacking off, but kids are so easy to entertain that it doesn’t take much preparation.  They love anything we do probably because they just love me.  Today was our last day of a winter program and being as such we spent it outside playing or watching The Princess Bride.  It’s all English inclusive, just not very demanding on their end.  In return for my leniency on their last day, they bring me chocolates and candies and one kid (his mom, likely) even brought me some home-made soap.

Then after work, my colleagues and I went for a lovely Italian dinner and some noraebanging (karaoke for all of you who’ve forgotten your Korean.)  This was fun, but odd as I have never been to the noraebang before midnight or stone sober.  I did notice however, that I am still a horrible singer no matter how much I have had to drink.

So, none of the videos I watched today are really appropriate except for this one and I don’t want to offend my lovely parents or Auntie.  So, here’s for you to enjoy and you can link to more from here.  Happy Friday!

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