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Japanese Italian

24 March 2009

While my language exchange continues, the linguistic part of the lessons have have been trumped by the culinary wonderment offered here in Bucheon.

Last night we ate at the most wonderful Japanese owned Italian restaurant.  It is a quaint and charming place that seats all of 10 people, bar style, so that you may watch Chef Dai make his simplistic yet wonderful authentic Italian dishes.

His brother, Ty, will welcome you and chat you up so we were enjoying the company of the hosts/owners as well as the food.

Dai and Ty are twins who have Korean parents who raised them in Tokyo.  Ty came here to study and Dai, who once owned a restaurant in Japan, decided to come to Korea and try to start a chain of Italian cuisine.

Along with our truly amazing Italian dishes, Ty explained to us how he plans to live to 100 by eating only yogurt for breakfast and drinking 4.5 liters of water per day- tid bits he learned from studying the habits of those who live near the Caspian Sea who have apparently mastered living till 100 and beyond.  He even offered some of his homemade yogurt to us, and while the thought of eating milk that has been set in a warm place for two days was somewhat unsettling, it was quite good.

While my Korean language skills have not improved, my appreciation for food and culture continues to rise.  These guys were wonderful hosts and I am sure we will go back sometime soon to gawk over them both.

Millefiori.  Coming soon near you!

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  1. The Ambitious Mrs permalink
    24 March 2009 11:25 pm

    The Japanese do seem to have a special attachment to Italian food. But I must say that the plastic Italian food displayed outside restaurants just looks gross. Somehow plastic sushi is more appealing! Do they do the plastic food thing in Korea?

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