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SoKo vs NoKo

2 April 2009

Last night there was a crucial World Cup qualifying soccer game here in Seoul. A game between South Korea and North Korea. Too many missed goals by SoKo kept the game exciting but in the end, SoKo put one in the net and took the victory.

While the game was somewhat entertaining it was hard (for me) to seperate the tensions on the field from the tensions currently happening between both countries.  With North Korea making headlines in the news I’ve heard more and more comments from my colleagues and students about  their true feelings towards their northern counterparts.

It surprises me that they so easily say they ‘hate, hate, hate people in north’ for at one time they were all one country.  Some of them still have family that resides there, but with whom they’ve cut ties.  However, this could be a lack in translation and a hatred geared more at the governing body than the people stuck following it.  Perhaps not.

I so badly want to know more about the relations and feelings between these two countries, but it is a sore subject that often times brings about the phrase “let’s not talk about that.”

While myself and others find NoKo to be a very threatening place- what with their shooting tourists, detaining journalists, and fueling missiles- many here don’t seem to be scared for they carry the motto, “if something happens here, it will likely be the end of it all.  So, why be scared?”

Uplifting, right?  Let’s just hope that things between the two countries can go as swimmingly well as they did between the two soccer teams.  And, that SoKo (and others) end up as victors over NoKo.

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  1. 2 April 2009 11:10 pm

    i found ur blog while looking up for seville.. ur adventures are to die for!! have fun!

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