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Deep kiss

3 April 2009

My colleague, Mr. Lee, just asked me about the culture of kissing in America.  He wanted to know if people ‘deep kiss’ on the streets like they do in the movies.

You know- Homer and Marge style ‘deep kisses.’

I told him that you can find people here and there doing some PDA, but that if he really wanted to see people getting it on in public, he should go to Praha.  There one can witness couples– of all ages– smooching, tonguing, groping and more on the  metros, trams, sidewalks, and everywhere in between.

This is so G-rated.  I saw some XXX action on the escalators several times.

That doesn’t so much happen here in Korea.  Everyone is very modest when it comes to PDA.  The highest rated teenage drama keeps things classy.  Their highest sexual tension points are when the two characters touch lips ever so slightly…

Gu JoonPyo and Geum JanDi in one of their many highly anticipated lip locking sessions for Boys Before Flowers.  This could serve as the still and action shots of the kiss for this is as far as it goes.

While the US’s highest rated teenage drama has ‘teenagers’ in high school involved in exploits like this:

Serena and Nate getting it on in an empty bar, Gossip Girl style.

Mr. Lee is moving to Hawaii next year and said he is very excited to be able to experience this culture.

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