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Easter Blooms

12 April 2009

Easter went by the way side here in Korea.  A country full of predominantly Buddhist or atheist people left me yearning to be in Longmont, Colorado eating Aunt Lynn’s scrumptious Easter dinner, enjoying the haps and mishaps of the entire family spending a holiday together.

Instead of hunting for Easter eggs to mark one of the most important days in Christian history, folks here in Korea spent this weekend walking the streets admiring the cherry blossoms now in bloom.   The sun’s welcome presence this week has prompted a bloom that has certainly made many parks and city streets much more beautiful in these parts.  In celebration, cherry blossom festivals are everywhere but aren’t worth all the hype.  Pretty much just a bazillion of people walking around looking up at trees, stopping every two seconds to take pictures.  More annoying than enjoyable.  I skipped out on most of these for early morning shots of the blossoms on my way to work.

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  1. The Ambitious Mrs permalink
    15 April 2009 11:40 am

    I LOVE cherry blossoms!

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