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20 April 2009

Today my school is getting ‘audited’ by government inspectors.  I am not exactly sure what this means for the school, but I do know that everyone is going absolutely crazy for it.

I got here and my colleague Kelly was here already cleaning the classrooms like crazy.  Mr. Lee mopped our office.  Teachers were sweeping window sills.  Students were scrubbing stairs.

Meanwhile, I sat at my desk coloring for today’s arts and crafts class.

Teachers are dressed nice, their classrooms cleaned, their desks cleared off like the organized responsible people they always are.  Going above and beyond normal duties to persuade the inspector that this school is up to par.

In fact, Mr. Lee just got back in from directing students to go home after school when usually they are left to fend for themselves against playground bullies and speeding taxis.

I am told to use as many visual aids as possible today when I teach and to do so with a warm, loving, and constant smile.  Last time an inspector came the same madness went down beforehand unbeknownst to the man who made a whirlwind tour through the school and was out in less than 10 minutes.

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