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Living Solo

22 April 2009

I had a fun conversation with my friend Lacy today about the joys of living alone.  I haven’t lived alone since…I don’t know when.  Especially for the last year and a half where my right arm, Anna, and I even shared a room for some time.  And, while I miss Anna and am sad to have her gone, I’ve discovered again how living alone opens up all types of freedoms.

You can leave dishes in the sink, laundry on the rack, bags in the living room, towels in the bathroom and never worry that you are annoying someone else with your stuff.  (Unfortunately for me I am too OCD to do any of that even when alone…) Lacy and I also discussed secret binge eating habits singlets like us enjoy.  So much easier to sit on the couch and eat an enitre bag of chips or tub of ice cream when no one’s watching.

And, you can’t deny the joys of walking around naked any time.

Which brings me to Lacy’s story.  She’s got a lovely studio apartment with a bed next to a nice big window and a security system that often and randomly buzzes in with Korean spoken announcements about the going ons in her building.  One weekend after a long night out, Lacy returned home, stripped down to nothing (because she could!) and climbed into bed.

A few hours later her security system buzzed in and woke her up with an announcement she easily ignored and then rolled back to sleep unconcerned.  A bit later she was woken again but this time at her window.  Her window 18 stories up.  Her window that didn’t have curtains drawn.  Her window that had a peeping window cleaner spying through.

In all her nakedness, Lacy said she was too shocked to do any more than roll over and pray her hurried through and left.  Of course, he didn’t.  But, now Lacy’s got some of the cleanest windows in Bucheon!

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