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Made in Taiwan

11 May 2009
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Taiwan is rarely boasted as a place to visit from folks living here in Asia.   There seems to be more pristine beaches, desirable food, and abundances of shopping elsewhere.  But, I think it is a country much overlooked.  While I kept great company during this short week, Taiwan had so much to offer by way of great sights, yummy eats, and cheap buys.

Street markets are everywhere.  Shops hawk jewelry, shoes, clothes, shades, and other unnecessary crap that people like me impulse buy as if I couldn’t find it anywhere else.

Food, games, games to win food, and a somewhat disturbing ear cleaning booths were the highlight of the markets I visited.

Many temples also draw crowds in and around Taipei.  Taoism and Buddhism are the most commonly practiced religions and some of the temples in the city date back hundreds of years.  Below is Longshan Temple, one of the busiest temples in the city due to its nondenominational stance and its enshrining of over 160 dieties for Taiwanese to worship daily.

Another amazing site was the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall named after Taiwan’s one-time dictator who was also known as “General Cash-my-check.”  I don’t know why…

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