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Roh’s funeral

31 May 2009

Friday was former president Roh Moo-Hyun’s funeral/memorial/tv spectacular.  All over the news, this event was highly publicized.  It wasn’t an official national holiday here, but thousands of Koreans lined the streets to watch varying parts of the procession throughout the day.

Every minute detail of the funeral service was planned and shared with the world of Koreans in a procession that started at 5am and went on till about 9pm this past Friday.  At happy hour on Friday I noticed the news was tuned in and tuned in to a very sobering moment: the cremation.

I was certain this couldn’t be correct.  No way they would film and broadcast the casket entering the incinerator, but with a little bit of Google searching I am almost certain this is exactly what I saw.

Korean style: no privacy even in death.

(And, I am one to talk as I try to get a picture of it from the tv and then share it with you all.)

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