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Ajuma with the magic hands

3 June 2009

We’ve got a lovely old lady, an ajuma, that cleans our English center.  This woman has got to be at least 60 years OLD and is responsible for sweeping, mopping, dusting, and spraying down the bathrooms.

She’s  funny old bird.  I usually catch her staring into space or aimlessly walking around.  But, when she hears someone coming, she jumps into action.

It’s hard work for a lady of her age.  When she sweeps she sweats, when she mops she huffs, and when she throws buckets of water in the bathroom I wait for her to literally ‘kick the bucket.’

Kelly invited her in for some coffee and biscuits this morning.  Our ajuma was delighted and sat and talked and talked and talked….

A one time Christian turned Buddhist, our ajuma told us how she has magic in her hands.  Magic that can cure the sick and ailing only if she touches them.

Moreso, she can instantly induce labor with a single rub of a prego belly.

Of course, she keeps this magical ability under wraps by wearing the guards on her hands — not for arthritis or stability of her wrist when doing her work– no, they are to block the magic so that she can touch people here at school and not have them be affected by her incredible powers.


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  1. The Ambitious Mrs permalink
    4 June 2009 2:19 am

    I would so pay cash money if there was someone who could really induce labor by just rubbing my belly when the time comes!

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