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One love

8 June 2009

Last weekend there was a fatal drinking and driving accident here in Korea.  Two of my favorite students, a brother and sister pair, lost their father after he was struck by a drunk driver.  The most adorable 4th and 5th grade kids who stay after class everyday to teach me correct Korean pronunciation or to attempt to tell me some ridiculous child-like stories were missing from school all last week and I was crushed to hear what had happened in their little family.

Today they returned to school.

I was expecting to see hollow shells of my former bubbly students but then I heard them coming around the corner as they ran up to me asking for candy.

Of course, I obliged.

Waiting for other students in class to say something that might break them down, I watched them carefully for any change in emotion.  HaeJin, the older sister, and her best little friend where in a corner talking, smiling, and acting…doing nothing attributed to class.  But, I let it slide.

I asked what they were doing when they started to explain, “Lori Teacher, you know my dad?  He die.  Let me show you.  She my Dad.  Me, crazy man.” And, the two proceeded to pretend drive towards one another and mime a crash.

I looked at JinLi, the little brother, who was absorbed in our worksheet.  I was convinced he was going to burst into tears when suddenly he looks up and says, “Now, slow motion, ” and the girls acted out the scene again, this time in slow motion, culminating into a pile of giggles on the floor.

“You understand, Teacher?” they asked of me.  I had to say yes, although I had no idea how they were being so strong–  until Hae Jin explains, “Lori Teacher?  I love Jesus.  My Dad love Jesus.  No sad.  Only happy.  Daddy is with Jesus.”

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