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Teacher’s Retreat Rd 2

17 June 2009

Last weekend all of us wonderful teachers were whisked away to Anmyundo Island for a night of teacher bonding.  And, singing.  And, drinking.  Lots and lots of drinking…

Five minutes on the bus and the Hite-uh/Soju train came through the aisle:

Soon thereafter the moving noraebang was cranked up:

Fish head soup and Soju for dinner (Getting excited for the culinary feasts yet, Kiki?!):

Left some a bit out of commission (yes, in the restaurant):

And, others ready for their glamour shots:

A trip to the noraebang upstairs to belt out some K-pop…including my song Lollipop (you know, because my name is Loli):

Then, it was off to the beach to fire off some fireworks:

While it was unacceptable for me to go skinny dipping, it was okay for them to dump the boss into the sea with all his clothes:

Late night eats and much more Soju helped us feel like a million bucks the next day:

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