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A chEEp trick

29 June 2009

Just outside of school are some various types of folks who set up shop with all sorts of appealing toys, foods, and goodies for the monkeys to eye and whine about until their parents fork over the money for whatever it is they want.  Ice cream, juice, candy, flashy twirly pens, trading cards and more.

But, last week, my monkeys were suckered into buying something the likes I’ve never seen.

First I heard the squeals, then I saw the running, and lastly I heard the chirping.  I went to see what was going on when these adorable girls came running up to me with something in their hand.

A baby quail barely old enough to walk in a straight line.  Some guy was selling them to my kids for 300W-the equivalent of about a quarter.

These kids were suckers for it too.  Everyone had one.  And everyone was mistreating it.

Liz saw some boys carrying their birds around in plastic bags and she explained how it was impossible for the bird to breath/LIVE in a plastic bags that has no breathing holes.

I saw three boys pushing their baby quails DOWN THE SLIDE.

And, these girls put this guy down on the floor and pushed him back and forth to one another like it was a hockey puck.

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