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Move it

2 July 2009

Yesterday I was FORCED to move from my spacious three room apartment into a shoebox.  Oh, and I had to take ALL the furniture from said 3-room to said shoebox.  I thought it was a joke and so did my moving guys.  We opened the door to my new place and they laughed in disbelief that they were supposed to put the truckload of stuff from my old place into this new one.

Then they laughed that the previous tenant was still occupying the house.  They quickly assisted her in getting out her bed, TV, desk and curtains and for one brief second before they started to move my stuff in I was able to get a good look at the dirty, hair ridden, grungy ass floor this woman had left behind.  No worries though. It was soon covered by my bed, desk, tv, 2 chair, giant couch, 4 boxes and 6 suitcases of crap I have accumulated in the past 8 months.

Then, just as the flurry begun, it had finished and I was left alone staring at this mess, unable to move, sweating in this sweltering heat, craving a mekju.

I had just enough time to put my milk in the fridge and scope out my soap and towel so I could shower before coming back to school to teach.  (Ok, I am not going to lie.  I didn’t shower. )

My Korean colleague later came over with some smoothies and bread.  I hadn’t eaten all day and as I sucked down my smoothie it almost came back up once I realized it was tomato.  Only Koreans make tomato smoothies and let me tell you, they are NOT good.

So, I am unpacked yet still have a couch and desk occupying 70% of my room.  Once those are 86’d I think life in a shoe box will be manageable.  Just wish it could have been a boot box…

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  1. 3 July 2009 1:16 am

    My Lori, Please come home soon and re-group!
    One can only imagine your expression and sighs as you wander through the splender of what you had pushed back in your thoughts these many months: Those lovely mountains that have no equal, the home-folk who have missed you so, the children who have grown and changed. Perhaps this wasn’t fair, but after your recent move, I couldn’t help it.
    Your Auntie who loves you!

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