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Quick recap

6 August 2009

I am not keen on the idea (ie: I am being lazy)  of recapping the whole Chris/Kris experience in Korea (awesome) or the roaming around Tokyo (awesomer) or my visit home to see all my lovelies (awesomest), so I’m just going to post some of the highlights.  (Most of you who really care to know, already do know, and the rest, well, you won’t have to sit through someone else’s vacation photos= win, win!)

Showing off Korea

Monsoon season, Korean food, and climbing up a gazillion stairs to see a pig head on an altar.  Korean Style.



In front of a palace

In front of Mt. Fuji, or lack thereof since it was MIA this day.

In front of, and making fun of, fat Asian baby.


Home Sweet Colorado

Jumping with my girls

Happy to see favorite uncles and aunts!

And, doing it up Browning style!

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  1. 6 August 2009 10:34 pm

    A Very Long Sigh!

    Take courage in both hands and move forward, Browning style. We Brownings do what is given to us to do. Always remember that’s who you are, beautiful young woman.

    Your Auntie who loves you!


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