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25 August 2009

I’ve been getting my yog on here in Bucheon.  I found a lovely studio with lovely yoginis to practice with Mon-Fri.  This is one of many studios I have tried and a few months ago when I thought I was paying for just the one class to see if I’d like the studio,  I later discovered I actually paid for six months of classes.

So, I arrive every night just in time for an authentic Korean warm up consisting of pounding on my back, chest, and stomach for about 15 minutes before the yogaing actually starts.  Then, I spend the next 70 minutes following the Korean language lead class only really understanding a handful of words/directions (mostly body parts and prepositions).

At the end of each practice we sit and enjoy tea and chat.  Well, they chat and I try to pick up on some of it.  And, usually there are one or two English speaking yoginis who translate for everyone else as I am bombarded with questions such as:  How long have you been in Korea? How long have you practiced yoga? How do you understand yoga if you don’t speak Korean? Are those tattoos real? Do you have a boyfriend?

Not quite the same yoga atmosphere I am used to or what I was looking for, but yoga nonetheless.

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