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Bad teachers

26 August 2009

As Liz and I were trudging through day 3 of hell here in our office, Kelly came in and told us that our prinicpal was angry with us.

Liz and I stole a quick what-the-hell-is-it-now glance at one other and listened as Kelly explained how the principal was mad with us because we never went and said hello to her upon return of our summer vacations.

She further said that she takes us into consideration and tries to “convenience” us whenever possible and that us taking no action like we did makes her think she should do otherwise.

Cut to Liz and I and the are-you-kidding-me? glance. Veiled threats make us opposite-happy.

So we had to tromp right on down to her office to have an awkwardly enthusiastic and fake conversation about how happy we are to be back in her presence.

Damn us for not thanking our MIA boss for a vacation that is prescribed in our contract.

(Tensions run high when stuck in an office all day watching the fun others are having on Showtime’s Weeds.)

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  1. 4 September 2009 1:36 am

    My Lori, it must have been a bit disconcerting ~ OOPS ~ let’s just ‘cut to the chase’ and call it what it is. This woman has a most severe case of self-importance. My attitude is a reason it’s best you are there and I am not.
    Your Auntie who loves you.

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