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Feeling swiney??

10 September 2009

N1H1 has yet to be conquered here in SoKo.   In various parts of Seoul I have heard of outbreaks that occasionally result in week long quarantines of foreign teachers.   But, those quarantined are often out romping around various parts of Seoul partying it up like a vacation,  possibly creating a vicious cycle in which the N1H1 will never leave this country.

My school has yet to have an outbreak, knock on wood, but each morning this week students have been checked at the door for  basic symptoms such as a rise in temperature.

The line to get into school

Our brave teacher risking her health to check the monkeys for The Swine.

I do believe the majority of swine flu cases in SoKo have been in Koreans, not the dirty foreigners that come here to teach English.  I can’t wait until this is over so that my yoga class stops asking me if I have the swine flu yet, so that Koreans aren’t scared to get into an elevator with me, and so that I stop getting questionable looks concerning my health everywhere I go.

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