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You know you’re in Korea when…

28 October 2009

…after an epic hike you arrive back in Seoul, four hours away from the mountain you were on to realize you do not have your phone.

When you have no idea whether you left it on the bus, in the restaurant, or up on the mountain during one of the countless stops to catch breath and wonder why you put yourself through such torture, but email your guide/organizer to see if he can help.  He is more than willing of course, and calls up the bus driver, calls the phone, asks other hikers if they stumbled upon it and so much more.

When no one has, he says he’ll see if he can find me a cool, new, cheap phone.

But, then you really know when you are in Korea when your student’s dad comes to the door of your apartment hours before your lesson and tells you that someone found the phone and he’s arranged to have it mailed to him to give to me.  He tells me this in person, in his business suit, as he drove to my apartment that is out of his way, parked his car in the madness, and come up 17 flights of stairs all hours before he could have sent his kid to me to tell me.

So nice to lose stuff here and have people actually try and get it back to you instead of ganking it for themselves!


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