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Post-teacher’s retreat

14 December 2009

It sucked.  In case you were wondering.  Went off somewhere 4 hours away by bus.  Noraebanging, mekjuing, and dancing by 2pm.

Dinner of roasted pig followed by hours of more drinking, singing, and dancing only to be topped off with what my boss called a Christmas party where all the teachers sat in a circle and sang Korean carols and asked me to blow out candles on the cake.  Then we ate cake and 번데기.  What a combo.

(FYI, 번데기 = silkworm pupae= GAG!)

On and on this went until we passed out in crowded rooms with heated floors way too hot to handle.  Up early for fish soup breakfast and back on the bus for noraebang as we went to a colleagues wedding.  Didn’t actually go to the wedding. Just the reception and ate the food as we watched the bride walk down the aisle on the TV in the corner.

Korean style.

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  1. 17 December 2009 2:22 am

    My Lori ~
    Your stomach accepted this right?? Pig for evening meal and fish soup for breakfast?And I thought I felt bad with this miserable cold. I do love the snow flakes on the blog, a neat addition. Some of the foods portrayed on another blog looked so delicious. I think it’s that soup thing.
    Your Auntie who loves you.

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