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Vietnam: PEOPLE

13 January 2010

My favorite lady ever. Hoi An.

The Vietnamese are definitely a tourist based culture.  To do what they do takes heart and strength and dedication.  Bartering, begging, pleading.  Pushing crap all day, day in and out, to thousands of tourists who exploit their way of life by fighting back to pay even less than nothing to these people who make less in a month what most families are spending in a day on their holiday.

Selling balloons amidst traffic. Hanoi.

As tourists hop happily along from city to city with pockets full of Dong, the instant millionaire that they are, the Vietnamese are there every step of the way selling anything you could ever wish for.  Motorbike drivers offering to whisk me away to my next destination.  Women selling fruits balanced on either side of the stick they carry over their shoulders.  Restaurant owners begging for us to look at their menu and eat at their restaurant.

Rowing to the sell. Halong Bay.

Most of the people were quite nice despite the thousands of rejections they must receive daily.  Several of our hotel owners ushered us straight to our rooms so we could relax and shower before checking in.  Others would be up early to cook us breakfast before we headed out on our day trip.


You want a mani, pedi? No problem. Nha Trang.

Yet, others openly described their disgust for the life they lead.  One hotel manager had a laundry list of things he hated about his job dealing with tourists day in and out.  And, another lady looked as if we had just killed her dog when we entered her house for a tour and tea.

Games at the temple. Hanoi.

Yet, the Vietnamese were a beautiful people.   A group that I hope I can go visit again sometime soon.

Second favorite lady. Hoi An.

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  1. 31 August 2010 10:59 am

    I think about this trip daily. Really loved it and wish I could experience it all over again.
    Great food and lovely friendly people in Vietnam (as far as a I know!) and some outstanding travelling companions to travel with. Here is to more travel together in the future! Next Stop, Laos, More (for me) of Cambodia and maybe a little Thailand! :)

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