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Vietnam: THINGS

15 January 2010

**This post would be better suited with the millions of videos I took, nicely edited together with an amazing soundtrack, however since my computer hates me and refuses to even turn on, you get pictures until I can pull it together and figure out what to do with that situation.  Just so you know.**

I came across all sorts of things in Vietnam that either I had never seen before or highly amused me.  Some of these things being the following:


Definitely a defining characteristic of Vietnam is the ever growing number of motorbikes in the streets.  Millions.  Literally.  And, people can really get around on these things.  I saw a family of FIVE on one.  They care everything from Christmas trees to deep freezers.  We rented bikes a few times and navigated through traffic surprisingly well.

Sleeper buses!

To get from one town to another was usually a 6-11 hour bus ride for us.  Traffic doesn’t move all that fast in these parts, and certainly not when you get into a city that has millions of motorbikes all over the place.  These sleeper buses, while not as comfortable as they looked, did provide a sensible way to travel through the night and wake up at our next destination.

Vietnamese hacky

I don’t really know the proper name for this, but after we saw some folks kicking and hitting around what looked like a badminton shuttlecock, we found ourselves on and were entertained many times by seeing how many times we could consecutively keep this up in the air.


Street food and food markets were everywhere here.  Best Pho ever and I found a new dish called Cao Lau that I ate at every meal while in Hoi An.  Chickens/fighting cocks are everywhere in the streets and I think they soon became part of meals.  Another popular item, snake juice/blood.  Good for the man,  I was told.  I skipped on this delicacy.

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