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Ignorance is bliss, unless…

26 January 2010

…you go to the eye doctor and unknowingly submit to having your eye sliced open.

I swear, I am not a sickly person, but I go to the doctor more here in Korea than ever before.  I think there is some Asian resistance in my blood causing my body to act up in all sorts of ways since moving here. I don’t get it.

In Vietnam I had some issue with my ear and had to call a doctor to our hotel room to come fix me up.  I think this eye thing is a correlating effect to the ear thing.  Or something.

So after a week of basically ignoring my eye problem,  Liz and Lacy persuaded me to go to the doc.  Lacy walked me there and said, “Whatever you do, do not let them cut your eye!”

I go back to see the doc.  Spit my little Korean at him as he retorts in full and fast exasperated explanations and ushers me off to another room.

“Drops!  Perfect.  No cutting?”  I ask.

“Ok.” says Doc.  “Just lie down.  Close eye”

At this point I was rendered helpless.  A giant needle stab later and they were doing unthinkable things with clamps and knives to my eye that resulted in the following look:

Lacy made me go out ‘for a treat’ looking like this.  She said it was for being such a wonderful eye slashing patient.  She said she was horrified when they did it to her.  Nightmare horrified.  Thus she laughed at me as I tried to walk straight (I could barely see out of my good eye) and also helped to pick up things I thought I had put in my bag but missed by a mile.

I took the bandage off last night.  I have a picture of that too, all bloody and gross, but will spare you.  Today I just have a slightly swollen, slightly blackened eye.

Once again, Teacher is looking good!

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  1. 27 January 2010 6:48 am

    Poor Baby, I would have been drawn to tears if not for recalling my own experience with a Brasilian tonsilectomy! These things just seem to happen to us in foreign territory. It would be old hat at home, you know. Teacher look very sad in picture, Auntie at home feel very sorry for teacher and sends her a big hug to make her well.

  2. 28 October 2010 7:00 am

    my mom is an eye doctor and she always tell me to never squint my eyes and watch too much dvd movie,-~

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