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The ‘but, um’ drinking game

28 January 2010

This winter camp has been so super fun for Liz and I.  Especially during our 10 minute breaks when we run to our office for heat and complain about a) how stupid our kids are being or b) how annoying our kids are being or c) how stupid and annoying they are being.

Thus, I’ve concocted the perfect drinking game:  Webcam in our classrooms.  You drink every time Liz or I say the following:

-Be quiet!

-Sit down!

-Get out!

-No.  No ‘Sorry Teacher.’ GET OUT!

Best saved for a night when you will not have to work the following day.  I think this is the only English my kids have learned this break.


Oh, oh, oh!!!  Liz showed me this.  We are going to tell our kids this tomorrow.  Mwah ha haahahahahhaha.

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