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10 February 2010

I Googled “how to train for a marathon in ONE month” to get some ideas on what I should be doing for this ultra I’ve just signed up for.  Here are some of my favorite responses:

I don’t think this is possible at all.

This is an awful, awful idea, unless you would like to finish with massive overtraining injuries.

Is there a 5K you could shoot for, or a 10K?

You’re gonna hurt yourself.

My brother trained for (and completed) a marathon in a month. He decided to do it after completing a half marathon.  He’s also insane.

It is highly unlikely you will get a life long injury. But you will get a very poor time that will be on the internet for everyone you know to look at for the rest of your life.

Go with 12/16/12/16 and rest/taper for at least 10 days before the race. If your race is literally in 4 weeks, go with 6 mile runs every other day for the next 2 weeks– 2 weeks before the race you’re doing 4 milers. 1 week before the race, 3 milers and lots of refueling. Your weekend runs are 13/16/8/race.  Your body can absorb about 300 cals max per hour. I’d suggest 6 powerbar gels and 6 oz of water each.

Hahahahahahahhahaha….ha.  I’m screwed.


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