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My sister AND FRIEND, Kiki

10 March 2010

Yay, Boo, Yay, Boo!  It’s lots of fun to do.

If you like it holler “YAY!”

If you don’t you holler “BOO!”

~Lori told you, and only you,  she was coming home for a surprise visit from KOREA!!!


~But, everyone thought you were married or pregnant instead!


~You got to spend some quality time with the family in Aurora!


~But, your dogs ate your Jimmy Choos when you left them home alone.


~You got to have a slumber party with your two favorite sisters up in the FORT!


~But, then you/we ate your/our weight in Melting Pot, breakfast sandwiches, coffee and also spent all your money shopping at cute new boutiques and found an adorable dress for Jake and Katie’s wedding.

Boo…I mean YAY!!!!

~You have a great job and are being a disciplined student up in the Fort.


~But, I don’t get to see you enough while I am here.


~I am going back to Korea soon…


~But you are going to win the scratch ticket lottery and bring everyone out for a visit…and we can all stay in my cozy lil shoe box…and get along…and never argue.


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