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21 March 2010

There are these things here called 택시 (taxis).  There pretty much ubiquitous and something that I travel in about 5 times a week or so.  They are great.  Mostly.  You flag one down, tell them where you want to go, and they take you from point A to point B for a relatively cheap price.

Of course, sometimes there are drawbacks.  Sometimes they don’t stop because they see you are a 미국인 (American), other times they are too stubborn to take you in the opposite direction you hailed it.  Or, worse of all, they CRASH ON THE HIGHWAY when you get one home from a night on the town.

And, not just a little fender bender, but a full on, smack down, 360 degree spin kind of crash.  In this taxi, you get thrown around a bit, bang up parts of your body, and then sit in wonderment of whether it was your jerky taxi driver or the other guy’s fault.

But, no one will bug you as you sit on the side of the highway in the back of this taxi, spitting out blood.  Not the taxi driver, not the cops.  And, you’ll get to sit and rehash it for about an hour before anyone acknowledges the 미국 presence and thinks about getting them another taxi.  The said taxi driver won’t offer to give you your money back though, so someone will have to physically reach in and grab the wad of cash from the driver’s pocket just to hand it over to some other jackass taxi driver who’ll take you the rest of the way home.

These 택시 things are awesome.  You should come ride in one sometime.

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  1. 22 March 2010 12:28 pm

    Sounds scary, hope you’re okay!

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