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TV vs. TB-uh

25 March 2010

In the States we have TV.  In Korea we have TB-uh.

Same same:

-Both have a million different CSI shows.

-Both have annoying advertisements.

-Both have a million channels of programming with nothing good to watch.

But sometimes quite different:

-CSI shows in the States show the blood and bullet holes to body and fake open heart surgeries, while in Korea, this is all strategically blurred so we can avoid the grusesomness.  (One time, I even saw a movie here that blurred out a woman holding a knife in a threatening manner.)

-Advertisements in the States are on every 2 minutes.  Advertisements in Korea come in 10-20min segments at the end of a show so you basically get commercial free viewing with maybe 1 or 2 sprinkled in during the show.

-In America you can’t swear or show much T or A (nakedness…), but I’ve heard f-bombs dropped countless times on shows/movies here and if you turn on the TV when you get in late night, it isn’t uncommon to find soft core porn on selected channels.

Pretty much the point is that TV anywhere sucks.


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