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What’s in a name?

2 April 2010

At the beginning of a semester I ask my kids if they want to use an English names.

The best are girls who want to be called Johnny and boys who want to be called Jessica.  I have one of each.

When they say they want an English name, but don’t know what one, it is also fun to dish out a few Carlos or Godricks in the bunch.

But, yesterday, a father came up to me and in broken English asked me why I force English names on Korea children.  He continued with the long fight Koreans battled for their independence and how they are a proud nation, proud to use their given names.  Why would I make them adopt an English name?  Could I not recognize the importance of their struggle?

I had to calmly explain that I don’t make anyone have an English name.  That some kids like to choose one to use in English class for fun.  That if his son wanted to be called by his Korean name oralmost anything else, I would be happy to oblige.

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  1. Easy E permalink
    2 April 2010 9:58 pm

    what a piss ant. then why is he making his kids learn English? whatever!

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