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Noraebang Mike and ‘son of a bitch’

15 April 2010

Events of today’s 3rd and 4th grade speaking class:

  • Kids: Mike! Mike!  Noraebang Mike!
  • Me: Good job on the word play for ‘mic!’
  • Mike: No Teacher.  I don’t like when they call me Noraebang Mike.  Shut up! Shut up everybody!
  • Me: Mike! Why don’t you like it?
  • Mike: It’s son of a bitch.
  • Me: What?  Where’d you learn that?
  • Mike: My phone.  See?

He shows me his phone dictionary pulled up to the definition: pup/son of a bitch

  • Lori: Ah, that’s not nice.  Please don’t say that anymore.
  • Mike: Ah, Teacher.  That’s son of a bitch.  SON OF A BITCH!
  • Me: MIKE! No more!
  • Mike: Just one more time, Teacher?  Puh-leaseeeee Teacher?  Sonofabitch.
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