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Korean IT speak

20 April 2010

Turned my computer in to get it fixed.  The shop is on the other side of Seoul.  An adorable, totally nerdy, Korean IT guy took it in and tried to explain things to me in his broken English as I tried to respond in my 10 words of Korean.

Following are parts of email messages he sent to me:

Logic Board issue is currently in doubt, replace the test is going to have to proceed.  The normal boot process were well not to know the other parts of the state did not have precise test after replacing the Logic Board is going to have to proceed.

Logic Board parts I should order and replace the test is complete, you’ll get back to you.

Have a nice day.

Then today I got this:

Replace the test is complete, will be contacted.  I have all the parts are working properly; he found that Logic Board issue.  Any additional cost not only the amount charged for the Logic Board; he’d make.

Looking for, please visit
Please send a good day.

Maybe I can offer to exchange English lessons for IT work with this guy.

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