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Open your heart to love

29 April 2010

It has been one of those weeks.

When the woman on my floor lets her dog use our hallway as his personal bathroom, or when I am told at school that I MUST do this or that without consultation, or when simple everyday acts such as setting up auto withdraw for my phone are ‘not possible,’ my sensitive little heart tends to shrivel up.

So, after a stellar weekend I decided my week’s mantra was to be “OPEN YOUR HEART TO LOVE!”

Thus anytime I hear my ‘lady of the night’ neighbor doing whatever it is she does all hours of the night, or when my class of 6th graders made fun of a picture of me that I put in a Powerpoint, or when I can’t get my bankbook updated, I simply say to myself:


And, all the little things melt away so that my heart can be happy.

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