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Exit strategy

3 June 2010

With all the drama going on betwixt the Koreas, and being that I live in the one that isn’t threatening nuclear punishment on all those who sneeze in their direction, conversations of exit plans have come up between us.

You know, the strategy for what we will do if Seoul is suddenly ambushed, invaded, bbb….bombed? Or as Auntie Lois masterfully put it, if  Mr. Il “gets his miserable briefs in a bind.”

Liz told me her plan today was something like this:  As soon as something might happen, she’s going to go buy a bike from the shop below her dance studio, steal one if necessary.  As long as the airport is accessible, she’ll likely go that way, but if not, then she’s going to pedal herself into Seoul and to the embassy and let them take care of her there.

Not bad, but I like mine a little better.  Lacy and I devised it the other day.  We may or may not have been sipping on some bevies when we planned this beaut out:

First of all, I am going to have a scooter.  The motorbike kind.  So when Kim Jong Il sends in his cronies, I’m going to call Lacy and we are going to grab the following items, hop on my scoot, and head west to the sea:  2 5-gallon jugs of water, soju, pizza, blender, and water proof camera.

We will then find some floaties to strap on our bulging biceps, a tube to go around our rippling six packs and hop into the Yellow Sea, mix up some margaritas (which we are able to magically create with soju, like Jesus turning the water to wine kind of deal) and we are just going to float ourselves over to China.  Hopefully get a little tan on the way and pray that the Chinese are on SoKo’s side when we reach the shore.

Infallible, right?

Suggestions are welcome.  Important to have backup plans.

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