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Teacher’s Retreat #234563246

14 July 2010

This time we were off to 통영 waaaaaaaaaaay south.  The usual bus ride ensued, a little more subdued this time, but with the 맥주(beer)  and 노래방(karaoke)  in full effect.

SIX HOURS later, we arrived at our seaside motel and were off to eat the typical seafoody dinner.  Lots and lots and lots of uncooked squirmy things that don’t mix so well with soju.

After the most respected teachers in my school were then thrown into the ocean repeatedly by one another, we were tucked in our 온 돌 (floor sleeping) arrangements and woken at 6.30am for another equally fishy breakfast.

This was followed by a three hour boat ride to Korea’s Halong Bay with very vibrant turquoise water and fisherman with impressive rock climbing skills.

A two hour bus ride took us to an amazing green mountain side with traditional Korean homes from back in the day that was built up/restored and is often used for movie/tv drama backdrops.

Two hours more on the bus took us near 지리산 (Jirisan) for more Korean food.  Followed by a 3 hour trip home.

Hands down this was the most beautiful part of Korea I have ever seen, but I have never been so sick.  In fact, I feel woozy  just writing about it.

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  1. 15 July 2010 2:42 am

    Lol…That’s funny about the bus ride.I’ve been on bus rides with my school before, but recently, I had my first bus ride with them with alcohol and karaoke. Oh, and the karoake and drinking went on so long, and the music was so loud! I must say it was funny though at the beginning of the singing. I got a little on tape before my camera died on me, though.

    • 15 July 2010 10:13 am

      Right? It got worse when our driver turned into our tour guide and started yapping on the mic that was skull crushingly loud. I wanted to take the mic and throw it out the window…but it was attached to his head.

  2. Butterfly Jewel permalink
    15 July 2010 9:20 pm

    Lol…Oh, Korea!!!

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