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Life under the sea

4 August 2010

On an island with little to do but get massages and drink fresh fruit shakes, I decided to spend my time getting certified to scuba dive.

I lucked out in many, many ways.  First off, I took this course one on one with the cooooooooolest guy ever, Alain.  He started me straight in the water with full gear and trusted that I was smart enough to figure out how to breath under the sea with all these gadgets and gizmos.

Turned out I could.

He taught me how to survive if my air ran out,  what to do if I started floating away and how to keep from sinking down low.   He  showed me how I clear my goggles, take off my pack, and even burp without going to the surface.

And, he taught me this in what has to be the most beautiful of surroundings off of Cabilao, Bohol in the Philippines.

For three days we scubaed with the brightest colored coral, the most diverse population of fish,  and tiny pygmy seahorses.

At one point we swam up to a giant school of barracuda intertwined with a giant school of jack fish.  Alain grabbed my hand and made me swim right up to the huge swarm of fish.  It was an amazing sight to see literally at arm’s length.

(PS- None of these pictures are mine.  Despite purchasing an underwater camera months ago, I did not take one picture with it while in the Philippines.   미안합니다!)


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