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A note on transportation

9 August 2010

One of my journal entries from the trip is as follows:

Today’s Transportation- July 25

1. Motorbike

2. Pump boat

3. Jeepney

4. Van (w/ 15 ppl and birds)

5. Motorbike

6. Fast Ferry  <— It’s only 8.30am

7. “Taxi”

8. Plane/puddle jumper

9. Bus/van

10. Pump boat

11. Tricycle

12. Feet

This should explain many things.  One being why I have so many pictures of transportation.  Two explains why I only touched 5 of the over 7,000 islands that make up the Philippines.

I have come to love experiencing the public transportation other countries have to offer.  Makes me laugh at how I’d get upset over driving a 10 year old Saturn.  That Saturn has NOTHING on the clunkers that are much older, used much more often, and carry many more people over much rougher terrain.

I shall never complain again.

In fact, I didn’t even complain about the transportation when in the Phipps.  How else would I get to ride a boat to get from A to B and watch the sun rise or set?

How else would I get to wave down a jeepney as it is cruising by only to have it slow down as you run to jump on?

How would I get to be the only white/blonde girl in a van with 15 Filipinos and 5 birds?

How would I get to see a man handle his rooster on a boat (then glare at me for taking his picture)?

And, most importantly, how would I get to travel at least 20k on a mere $2 (if that!)?

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  1. Kfred permalink
    9 August 2010 10:43 pm

    You know what would have been a great picture? Have the guy give you the rooster and make him take the picture of you. Awesome.


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