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How to relax in the Phipps

10 August 2010

Tonya and I had the best plans when it came to the Philippines:  Don’t plan at all.

We actually met at Incheon Airport at the same time, but parted ways until the next morning since our flights were into different cities.  We managed to meet up and decide on the spot to go to Alona Beach on Panglao. 

Here, we promptly offered our bodies to the sun gods who after being shocked at the whiteness of our skin rewarded us with a sizzling red glow. 

Deciding that it wasn’t quite enough pain, we paid two lovely ladies $6 each to massage sand all over our burns for an hour.

With tears in our eyes, we crawled to the nearest bar and found salvation in $2 2L San Miguel and glorious fresh mangos. 

We soon decided to change it up and opted for the hard to get to Cabilao island.  Upon arrival we noticed that the three resorts were eerily quiet and learned that with the low-season this place was going to be quiet for the rest of the week.

Doubtful that I could handle the deafening silence, I signed up for that glorious scuba course I mentioned before, and spent the rest of my time reading, hamocking, sunning, or yogaing and got on just fine.

Tonya and I mingled with the locals, ate yummy veggie burgers, solved world problems at 6am, made fun of each other at 6pm, and reset our body clocks to rise and set with the sun. It couldn’t have been a better way to spend a week.

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