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Cutest of the cutest

29 October 2010

Recently a few of us argued about how cute our kids were.  Matt said his were the cutest.  I claimed mine were.  Before it became an all out fisticuffs, we decided to settle it by a vote.

Here are my nominees:

Sun Woo.  Chunky kid who keeps getting chunkier.  His toothless smile only adds to his charm:

Hans.  He’s about 2 feet tall and will only speak English in a robot voice:

Soo Yun.  Sweeter than sugar she is a child that I seriously consider throwing in my bag and taking with me when I leave this place:

And here are nominees from Elissa, Matt, Leila, and Claire.  An unfair advantage for them is that they teach kids much younger than I do.  Kids that are automatically cute since they have yet to reach the stage of losing teeth or acquiring awkward glasses or motor functions that render them completely annoying.


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