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The festival

11 November 2010

For a little over a month my school was buzzing with preparations for the fall festival.  When I first arrived 2 years ago, the festival was the biggest to do since Korea found kimchi.  What it entails is each class (there are over 40 in my school) preparing a song/dance/instrumental or skit to preform for all the parents.  Costumes are rented and everything is carefully choreographed by the teachers and approved by the boss-lady.

This years was much calmer and super cute.  I’d like to say I had a hand in it, but I didn’t do squat.

I did attend and I did video parts of it before my camera promptly died.

Here’s a minute of it.

I forgot to edit this into it.  The sixth grade girls doing Beyonce.  It’s better on its own anyway…


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