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Monday News Brief

6 December 2010

A.  Weekend was glorious.  Another yoga workshop, this time with Ana Forrest.  Interesting.  PAINFUL.

A2.  Tonya and I giggled our way through the ‘interesting’ parts and made post-Korea plans over a 2 hour vegan buffet lunch.

B.  Sunday I felt muscles crying out in pain from the poses Ana put us in the day before.  Well worth it, but O.U.C.H.

1. Mondays=5th grade classes.  I hate 5th grade classes.

2. Mondays= Eva.  I love Eva.

C. Teaching myself to play Knockin on Heavens Door on the guitar.

C2.  I suuuuck at the guitar.

3.  Getting new co-worker.

3B.  Good part is he has to take over 5th grade.

3B2.  Other good part.  He is a he!  Switching it up from the white girls from America with names that start with the letter ‘L.’  He’s a Kiwi.  His name starts with ‘A.’

3C.  Bad part is I lose my overtime pay.

D.  Starting to consolidate my two Macs into one.  Don’t know what the hell I am doing.  Plus, don’t know how I am going to live on just one computer.  Poor, poor me.

4. Was given free B-Tox cream at local make-up counter.  It’s their wrinkle cream.  She gave me LOTS of samples.  I think she was hinting at something.

5. It’s ZOMBIE time.  The Walking Dead, time for you to give me crazy zombie dreams.

PS!  Colorado bound in 15,960 minutes!

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