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Yoginis in the making

20 January 2011

A few notes on yoga classes with the kiddos:

-Some kids LOVE yoga, some kids loathe yoga.

-When sharing a gym with badminton players, keeping kids interested in meditation is nearly impossible.

-“Teacher!  Are you a B-boy?!” was often asked when I showed them inversions and arm balances.

-They have NO fear.  They will flip upside down at the drop of a dime.  They land some pretty sweet (ADVANCED) poses without a second thought.

-Favorite posture: the sushi roll. Or as the kids renamed it, the kimbap roll, whereby they come to the front of their mats, knees bent, grab the edge of the mat and roll themselves back and forth into a cacophony of giggles.

-Kids yoga, so totally adorable, so totally exhausting.

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  1. hookedonphonics permalink
    26 January 2011 7:41 am

    hmmm…cacophony….good use of this word…I will admit I looked this one up in the ‘ole diccinario

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