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25 January 2011

During one of my classes today, Kelly came in and told me that I should tell my students to be careful when crossing the streets because a student was hit by a car this morning and died.

Rumors went around about who it was and we just now found out that it was one of our students at this school who I have taught over and over again. Her English name was Cuttie and, oh, did she lived up to that name. Absolutely adorable and absolutely one of the smartest second graders I have ever met. And, so squeezable too!

Kelly is good friends with a friend of Cuttie’s mom who heard the story from her through inconsolable tears. The mom was with her two girls, Cuttie and her little sister, and had the little one on her bike while Cuttie walked along side. They came to a crosswalk, the mom hopped off her bike, and walked across the street while Cuttie followed a few steps behind. Then, it seems, a truck came through and didn’t see Cuttie and hit her just seconds from the safety of the sidewalk.  All of this went down in front of her mother’s eyes.

I don’t even know how to begin to comprehend something like this. My heart is broken- and I was just her after school English teacher. I can’t begin to fathom the suffering of those closest to her.

I keep thinking about how this is just Tuesday for me, but the worst day imaginable for that adorable child’s family.

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