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Who’s your favorite?

11 February 2011

I like to play this game with my mom (you’ll notice from the video posted below).

Who’s your favorite?

She never answers although we all know who it is…

Today we have to hand out a survey to our kids about the most awesomest winter camp ever.  Aaron asked about the questions on it as it is written in Korean and I popped up with:

“Who’s your favorite English teacher?”

He laughed and said no way that could be a true question and I said sure it is.  I ask my parents it all the time.

Then we got into this huge debate if you could really have a favorite when it comes to family.  I asked him who was his favorite, mom or dad?  And he asked me who is my favorite sibling?

It is actually really hard to answer that question.  I sounded like mom saying “I love them all equally.”

Then we turned to Kelly and in a very serious tone and asked, “Kelly, who is your favorite child?”  (She has two).

She seriously contemplated it and answered with my most favorite response yet:  “It’s a secret!”

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