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VD Day

14 February 2011

Such humor in incorrect abbreviations are lost on elementary kids, but it gives me a giggle when they make their little cards to give to mom or dad that says, “Happy VD!”

I showed my kiddos a little diddy of Disney’s romantic moments.  It’s montage of a bunch of cartoon characters hugging or kissing with some romantic song playing in the background  and them being 8,9, or 10 years old and wanting absolutely nothing to do with the opposite sex, were screaming and covering their eyes as if I just showed them how to skin their kitten…or whatever is upsetting to kids these days.

In a few years, their high school health teacher will probably be showing them the VD slideshow and then the whole ‘Happy VD’ might make more sense.

Anywho, I hope you all have a lovely, romantic day sans any VD’s.




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