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Brownie Points

23 February 2011

I am asking my boss for a huge favor so that I can rearrange my schedule to make it home in time for E’s wedding.

This has proven to be a messy situation as at first I was told “Sure, no problem!” followed by a “No, that is impossible” with a “I’ll think about it” shortly after to a “I’m positive it will maybe be ok.”


Going into  an intensive Monday meeting discussing this possibility, I decided NOT to fight with my own reasoning about why I DESERVE this favor (mememememememe!) but instead to kill the situation with kindness.

All nods and smiles and agreement I let her pass through her emotions to end on the “I’ll think about it” and exited with a huge smile and gracious bow.

That same day was a teacher’s dinner.  You’ve heard me talk about these. Full of raw fish and Soju.  While I don’t eat meat (especially raw, squiggly fish) and Soju has long lost its welcome in my tummy, I sucked it up on both accounts and ate and drank merrily with all the chingoos.

I soon found myself in front of the Boss Lady and we exchanged shots and started talking.  Her asking me about my boyfriend status.  Did I have one?  Why didn’t I? Did I have one back home?  Was Aaron my boyfriend?  Did I want Aaron to be my boyfriend?  Do I like Korean men?  Do I want her to set me up?  Blah blah blah????? and was soon in a center of attention exchange with an older Korean teacher who proposed to me and then asked me to sing and dance with him.  In front of everyone.  Sans music.  The Boss Lady was all smiles as she sat back and watched this mini-drama unfold in front of her.

SO, reminiscent of the I’m a Little Tea Pot dinner, I got my ass up and sang and danced like a puppet for everyone’s enjoyment.

Thank goodness there is no video of it this time.

Fingers crossed that pushes her decision to the definitive-affirmative!

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  1. Erin permalink
    25 February 2011 6:07 am

    Fingers crossed :)

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