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English on shirts in Korea

10 March 2011

I found this thread on a website used here for lesson ideas or teaching help or general discussion on just about anything.

This thread started today and I can’t stop giggling.  It is full of swears and completely inappropriate, mostly sexual phrases, but it turns funny when you see 9 year old kids sporting this on their shirts.

Click HERE!

(Perhaps you think I am a bit bored at work today?  Yes. Yes, very much so.  This whole teaching a schedule made for one, not two, is somewhat new to me.  I have more time than I know what to do with.  You’ve seen the Microsoft Paint and heard of the magazine reading, but if I were to list the other things I do with my day you’d find me utterly pathetic.  And, I’d agree.  I’d much rather be teaching than sitting on my ass all day, which by the way is numb from sitting for 8 hours straight.  Anyway.  My schedule picks up March 21st.  Until then I ask you all to email, IM, Skype, call, smoke signal me.  I’ll either work on becoming more productive or trying to off one of my new colleagues so I can get me some more classes to teach. But, probably neither of those because I’ve become so lazy just sitting here.)

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