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Disaster in Japan

14 March 2011

As I perused my Facebook for the millionth time Friday afternoon as the hours drew on and on, I saw this post by a friend in Japan:


“HUGE EARTHQUAKE!!!! Had to evacuate the school!”


I looked to Aaron, who had lived in Japan for a year and asked him if he had heard of an earthquake, just as he looked at me to ask the same.  Moments before the world news outlets got hold of it, we had updates from friends experiencing Japan’s deadly quake and aftermath first hand.

Luckily, folks we both know there are fine.  Some of their apartments were shaken to their cores with everything shattered to pieces, while others had to sleep at their offices since public transportation was brought to a halt.  Three days later we see their posts of their disheveled kitchens, staggering lines of people waiting to get clean water, empty shelves in convenience stores and markets, and looks of loss on Japanese faces throughout.

It takes your breath away for a moment, doesn’t it?  Knowing what massive power, what unshakeable control our Earth has over us?

At any moment the ground we rely on to be sturdy and carry us through our day can shake us fiercely to our core.  The walls within which we hold all things most precious to us can crumble to the ground.  Those whom we love, those whom we take for granted, even those whom we can’t stand, they can all be washed away from us forever.

It could happen.  We don’t want to believe it could, but it could.  And, if it did, we’d be at such a loss we probably wouldn’t even know how to stand back up.

A Japanese proverb says: 七転び八起き

Or: fall seven times and stand up eight

Japan has fallen hard and I think we can all lend a hand to help them stand back up.

Go here to do just that:  Japan Red Cross

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