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Gasket Blown

13 April 2011

Just as I patted myself on my back for being a good teacher this semester–I mean a GOOD teacher– I lose my shit.

I’ve been on a roll.  Like, being a real teacher and stuff.  It only took me 2+ years to get here…

Then yesterday and today I was reminded how easily 7 year old children can shatter me to pieces in no time at all.

Their sweet and innocent faces are merely masking the bundles of evil they house underneath their cute little tutu skirts and taekwando uniforms.  Lori Teacher yells, ushers, forces, pouts, and stomps around these kids who could absolutely give a shit what I say and go on with their regularly scheduled programming of nose picking, cell-phone game playing, drawing, chatting and anything else not having to do with English class.

I think  I yelled so much today that I cracked my carotid arteries.  I even had to send an SOS to my Korean-co in the office to come to the class to regulate.

It’s been a sad couple of days.  Lori Teacher is crumbling.  These lil bastards are burying me and if you don’t ever hear from me again, check the Phonics 4 classroom.  They’ve probably put me in the corner with all the discarded pencils and erasers and crumpled up worksheets I’ve given them.

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  1. 13 April 2011 10:11 pm

    Don’t let it rattle you too much. Everyone has those days, although I imagine it’s much harder in a foreign culture. My field has always been middle/high school, so I don’t know if any of the things in my bag of tricks would be useful to you. I suspect you’ve tried most of them and will just have to chalk it up to being ‘one of those days.’

    Our family is getting ready to move to Korea; I’ve been trolling blogs looking for some useful input about the experience, since I’m planning on teaching once I get there. ( I’ve got the education part down, but not the Korean part…) Have really enjoyed your blog!

  2. The Ambitious Mrs permalink
    14 April 2011 6:47 am

    Hey this sounds like me as a parent sometimes. At least you get to leave them at school when the day is done! Be strong Lori teacher!

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